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    About ฿itFence

    BitFence is advanced cybersecurity solution that will proactively identify hackers and distribute their profile information to the protected community over blockchain.

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    Problem: There are 8.4 billion connected “Things” in use in 2017 with 28 billion “Things” predicted to be connected by 2021. 70% of IoT devices are susceptible to hacks due to major vulnerabilities. The Ponemon Institute found that 80% of IoT devices are not tested for security flaws from a study of 593 IT and Security practitioners.

    Solution: Using deception technology BitFence detects new IoT threats and malicious actors, deflects, and counteracts attempts at unauthorized use of information systems and gives your security team an unfair advantage over hackers and confidence in IoT security strategies.

    How It Works: Community members "mine" hackers by running honeynet IoT nodes and rewarded with HNY tokens. We correlate crowdsourced IoT threat information together and provide 0-day threat feeds, ACL lists and auditable on a blockchain device specific vulnerabilities and patching information to our subscribers.

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    ฿itFence Solutions

    BitFence is all in one automated IoT threat discovery, intelligence and protection for your enterprise and home.

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    StingMiner: Proof-Of-Hack algorithm

    StingMiner is the first IoT plug-and-play device which is using deception technologies to present itself to hackers as a genuine IoT device (such as IP camera), monitors network traffic for suspicious activity using sophisticated algorithms and heuristics and collects actionable intelligence before companies are hacked.

    Collected by StingMiner malicious hacker and device specific vulnerability data automatically submitted to BitFence Engine / Mining pool that rewards miner for validated submissions over the blockchain.

    Miner is available as completely pre-configured RaspberryPI based device from BitFence store or as a freely downloadable SD card image for RaspberryPI.


    Automated IOT Security that works

    BitFence blockchain based solution will help to mitigate and manage IoT risks for your business and will bring you a full confidence in your IoT security strategies. The system, comprised of a hardware devices called StingMiners, using deception technologies and appearing to hackers as vulnerable IoT devices, monitors for suspicious activity using sophisticated algorithms and heuristics and deploys appropriate counter measures automatically to the subscribers protecting networks, computers, users and their data.

    Protection provided by BitFence will block IoT device specific vulnerabilities, high risk hosts, malicious payloads, viruses, malware, suspicious addresses automatically within seconds everywhere around the globe after threat is "mined" by the network of our StingMiners and risk scored with BitFence Engine.

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    BitRouter - Protecting Your Home

    With more connected devices in every home - not only laptops and phones, but all IOT devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, security cameras and even kid toys - we became extremely vulnerable to hackers in every day life.

    BitFence home router comes pre-configured with automatic security updates from BitFence store. It is plug-and-play installation which makes your home protected with enterprise-level cyber defense system at a fraction of cost.

    A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

    ~ Plato, Laches or Courage (380 B.C.)


    BitFence platform development roadmap

    • AI and Machine Learning

      2015 - 2017 | AI Classification Engine Created

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      First artificial intelligence classification engine using supervised learning models created. Initially designed to classify EDC medical data engine was applied to analyze cybersecurity threat data (logs, packet capture) and produced incredible results.

    • HoneyNet on a Blockchain Created

      Q2 2017 - Q4 2017 | First successful POC

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      Core team successfully created and peer reviewed fully functional proof of concept of HoneyNet, soon to become BitFence. First prototype of StingMiner IoT device created based on Raspberry Pi micro single-board computer.

    • BitFence Foundation

      Q1 2018 | BitFence is born, IP filed

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      IP established, patent filed

    • Token Generation and MVP Development

      Q2 2018 - Q3 2018

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      Development of blockchain Infrastructure and MVP of StingMiner and MyBitfence portal.

    • MVP Launch

      Q3 2018 | BitFence Engine and StingMiner

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      Launch of BitFence ecosystem MVP with basic subscription services. Enterprise firewall and F5 integration. Initial rollout of StingMiner solution. Start of channel marketing to top enterprise integrators.

    • Release of BitFence CyberStore

      Q4 2018 | BitFence Threat Marketplace

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      BitFence releases CyberStore with software and hardware solutions available for purchasing with HNY tokens. BitRouter release. Marketing wave and start of Enterprise sales.

    • Release of BitFence Personal Firewall

      Q1-Q3 2019 | Personal and Mobile Firewall Release

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      A BitFence solution that can be installed on any stand-alone Windows/OSX/Linux computer to protect it from hackers is released. SDK to integrate threat intelligence data in iOS and Android mobile apps released.

    • Industrial Embedded IoT Solution

      Q4 2019 | Integration with SCADA ICS Infrastructure

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      BitFence ICS Solution specially targeted for supervisory control and data acquisition control system architecture used in all industrial systems including manufacturing, process control, power generation, fabrication, and refining,


    BitFence Team

    Nathaniel Wade

    Chief Information Security Officer.

    Vlad Tereshkov

    Co-Founder / Principal / CEO.

    Dann Thompson

    Co-Founder / Principal / CFO.

    William Mason

    Co-Founder / Principal.

    Roger Freeman

    Advisor MENA Region.

    Shah H Sheikh

    Sr. Cybersecurity Advisor.

    Ben Daubenspeck

    Account Manager.

    Teresa Culver

    Technical Advisor.

    Marie Golson

    Technical Advisor.

    Jeffrey W Gaines

    Technical Advisor.

    Luis Parra

    Technical Advisor

    BitFence TestNet is Live

    BitFence successfully launched MVP of StingMiner and MyBitfence portal and TestNet is operational.
    Start mining hackers today.

    To participate in our beta testing program and start mining hackers today you need RaspbperryPI single-board micro computer that will run BitFence StingMiner software.
    Different models may work, but for optimal performance we recommend Raspberry Pi 3 version

    To make a StingMiner from Raspberry Pi you need Micro SD card (8Gb or more) and write disk image on it that can be downloaded here:

    stingminer-mvp-0.2-alpha.img.tar.gz (349 MB)

    After SD card image is written to card, insert it into Raspberry Pi, and for the best results connect the Ethernet, turn it on, and it will automatically start mining. To see mining activity and rewards, please login into MyBitfence portal

    MyBitfence Portal

    MyBitfence portal allows users to access the whole BitFence ecosystem including mining dashboard, BitFence store, subscription packages and feeds and much more

    Create your MyBitfence account today